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Blue Elephant restaurant: thank you so much for chef Nooror give us the opportunity to sponsor Pink Ribbon Inc. "Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy by Samantha King" Hope every guests satisfy with the apron we made (Click in for more detail) Hertz Thailand: Thank you Hertz Thailand give us the chance to serve the largest car rental company from United States CCL Thailand Thank you once again, another order 3,000 pieces of uniform for this month. Thank you to CCL for being loyal. Aeon (Thailand): Thank you for the largest market place in Japan, Aeon for choosing us as your uniform supplier. This is our second consecutive years to serve your company, we are not only feeling proud but with pride! Cold Stone Creamery, thank you so much for choosing our service and product (click in for more pictures) Nestle: Thanks to Nestle for the production of shirts in early last year. Delivered in. ^ _ ^ Blue and white striped shirt. Nice texture :) :) Starring by: @essboriwat ^ _ ^ KCG Cooperation: Hot, Hot, Hot (37 degree Celsius) We are not dreaded ... We made our delivery to our lovely customers :) Thanks KCG Corporation for trusting us to produce uniform to your KCG continuously. ^ __ ^ Proud to present TV Channel 3 jacket p.s. model by Miss Phatakorn Schenker Logistics wow, made our delivery right before Songkran festival. Thank you Schenker choosing us for Songkran celebration. Ramayana Water Park Thank you for choosing us, our New customers, Ramayana Water Park. We always ready to serve. AJE Big Cola: Thanks to AJE Big Cola who trusted us to produce a uniform. Constantly :) Starring by: ketapwattra ^ ^ ^ Thank you ผู้ประกาศ and sisters for giving an opportunity to Choy Lee producing t-shirt, polo shirt for 45TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY CHANNEL 3, thank you again (click in for more pictures) Starprint: Thank so much for choosing us as your supplier, Starprint Public Co., LTD, it is greatest pleasure to become your uniform supplier. SKB Tech: Thank you so much for order from us, we are proud of being your sole uniform supplier. Thank you for choosing our service and product, our beloved customers Nara, Thai Fiber, CP Meiji Bulgaria (click in for more detail) Nissan Thank you so much, our beloved customer (click in for more pictures) Thanks to the designer shoes chain 21 by Aoom for selecting us, Choy Lee for t-shirt for your chain enterprise. T-shirt # we do # T-shirt # design #for you by us 3 online news: Thanks 3 news online family order from us, our neighbor in the same office building, thank you very much. # in Channel 3 building # AirWater: Let us, Choy Lee know, we will always be flooded with (Air & Water).Thank you Air Water (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We always take care of it. TC interact plate co., ltd Thank you TCK Interact Plate Co., Ltd. Please to meet the beautiful and kind CEO of TCK Interact Plate. We, Choy Lee provide fashionable uniform everyone in your corporate. Thank you!! Chao Phraya Insurance Co., Ltd Chao Phraya Insurance Company Limited, the insurance we trust. Thank you so much for choosing us to be your uniform supplier. Thank you very much again. BPP Engineering: Thank you BPP Engineering Co., Ltd. for the order numbers of polo for all of your staff. We, Choy Lee ensure they all going to look handsome and pretty. Siam Technical Concrete Co., Ltd Another pride for Choy Lee, having Agricultural Engineering Co., Ltd. choosing to be your supplier. Thank you. Smart Service and Management Co., Ltd Lovely customers, Smart Service and Management Co., Ltd Thanks to Smart Service and Management Co., Ltd. and Quality Car Care Co., Ltd. order from Choy Lee, we are always stand by here in Bangkok to serve. Curita-GK Chemical Co., Ltd We are never feel tired to provide a good quality uniform for you. Thank you, Curita-GK Chemical Co., Ltd., Usa Siam Steel Industries Co., Ltd., Alsys (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We always care. Come SKB Tech Co., Ltd Over 3 years of trust, we thank you. SK B Tech Co., Ltd. We are the uniform maker Choy Lee Krungthep Thanakom Co., Ltd Our Tailor are all stand by for you. Our warm welcome to our new customers, Krungthep Thanakom Co., Ltd. Central Group (Central Trading Co., Ltd) Deliver more than 8,000 Polo shirts. Thank you Central Trading Co., Ltd. for your great pride. Choy Lee are here to serve you. Okura Prestige Bangkok Thanks to the management team of The Okura Prestige Bangkok for giving us nourishment for the day. Thank you very much, we are your Uniform Supplier Toyo Business Service Thanks to Toyo Business Service for giving us a look. 2 all the Beautiful staff! Little Home Bakery Thank you Little Home for taking care of us. We, Choy Lee your Apron, Chef and gown are better than you expected! DDC consultant Thank you to Chef Consultant ,Danai Chan. Give us the opportunity to produce beautiful work for DC Consultant. Washery Laundry Boutique Thank you for ordering from us, Washery Laundry Boutique. We have uniform production service for all of your employees. BPP Thank you for choosing us, BBP. We are always feel proud of seeing smile from our customers. Thank you so much BPP. F.T.S Transport Service Co., Ltd Thank you F.T.S. Transport Service Co., Ltd for choosing us. We are dprou to be your supplier. Sherwood Chemical Busy week, we made deliver to TK Healthcare Medien International, Chao Phraya Insurance Company, NTI (Thailand), SHERWOOD CHEMICALS. Jeffer Steak Another busy week, made deliver to two major clients. Jeffer and Neurologists. Thank you so much,Thank you Jeffer. Havi Logistics: Today is another busy day of delivery, we are not tired at all. actually ... Because we are happy and enjoying our job. By the way warm to welcome new customers, Havi Logistics Co., Ltd. We will take care of your need. Techno Resin: Hello Techno Resin, our neighbor customer. thanks to Techno Resin in the elephant building for us to take care ^ _ ^ Hanwha: With lovely customers! Let us take care of Hanwha. Blue Elephant: Sophisticated sewing method. Sleek design is what you need, thank you Blue Elephant who give us trusts, we are always here to take care of your need ^ __ ^